About Us

Linni launched her label in 2015 but she, herself has been working in the fashion industry for more than 10 years. Her jewellery line is created from semi precious stones mixed with pure silver or gold filled silver parts. Each piece is handcrafted in the studio giving it a unique finish.

The newest collection is inspired by the colours of love and hope. Linni captured the feeling of a fairy tale in her jewels. Delicate elements were fixed with handpicked ethereal gemstones. The products are like a talisman and companion in those special moments.

Linni Lavrova studied at Central St. Martins and London College of Fashion. After graduating, she decided to launch a jewellery line under her own name. Linni takes inspiration from her many travels and classical music that she hears everyday from the hands of her violinist husband.

Linni Lavrova created her jewellery with a modern woman in mind. Her jewels are fit for both casual days, evening night out or those special occasions such as christenings or weddings. All the elements can be mixed matched, worn on their own or layered together. The gemstones have been sourced all over the world, each piece picked by our designer.


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